Cyber-attack is a complex risk to manage, no matter what your business sector is.

Computer viruses can cause equipment malfunction, passwords leak as well as data loss from client databases which can lead to threats of extortion or business interruption due to cyber-crime.

More and more connected technologies are now being used by the manufacturers or at the dealership depots – anyone can become the prime target for cyber criminals looking to exploit vulnerabilities through online systems.

When a sensitive data leakage occurs, compulsory data breach notification laws will ensure that the public knows about the event, posing a significant risk to the dealer’s reputation and brand.

Recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation also obliges you to remain complaint with certain security standard that, if not respected, can result in high fines and penalties.

Cyber-crime is not a question of “if” but of “when” so you should be prepared to deal with any data breaches or losses. The team behind Metal Master has a solution for you that can help when the worst happens.

Thanks to Metal Master Cyber Coverage we provide your business can now safely carry out your online activities with peace of mind.

Our complete Cyber Attack Coverage solution for dealerships includes:

Our broking and claims teams will work closely together to guide you through the process and assist you step by step, from risk assessment phase to policy issuance and claims handling.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact our specialist team.