Jack Shepherd is a Sales & Marketing Manager for Metal Master.


Jack’s current job title is Sales & Marketing Manager. Throughout his 5 years at EPG Administration Services he’s worked across various teams including marketing & PR. We sat down with Jack to get the lowdown on what makes him tick professionally and outside 9-5. Let’s learn more about him.


What do you most enjoy about your job?

Getting out and about meeting our dealers and potential new customers, trying to help them use Metal Master Shield to enhance their business and see it as a positive and valuable sales tool.


What are your biggest successes to date?

Getting multiple major dealer and manufacturer warranty programmes up and running was very satisfying. It is good to observe how they contribute to EPG’s success.


What are the most important things for you to achieve this year? 

We have ambitious sales targets and a great chemistry in the sales team, we want to see each other succeed and push each other to do so. We want to exceed expectations.


What is your life motto?

Never turn down the chance to do someone a favour, whether personally/professionally with colleagues, clients or anyone else never turn down the chance to help someone with something. It’s great for your Karma and self-worth and always worth it in the long run.


What does your perfect weekend look like? 

Football on Saturday whether at home or Spurs with dad and brother. Sometimes I will spend a quiet evening with my lovely wife or have a daddy – daughter day with swimming, park, lunch out etc.


What is your favorite company tradition?

The Christmas lunch is always a crucial part of making the company feel like a family.  As we grow its great to keep in touch and get to know everyone in different parts of the business.



The Metal Master Shield contract can be provided for new and used machinery at the point of sale at the dealership, within or beyond the base warranty period. It not only benefits customers but provides dealerships with a product which deepens customer support and guarantees their business.

Our online quotation system allows you to choose different options (Metal Power, Metal Plus and Metal Total) for coverage up to five years. It also gives you quotes that remain open for 90 days. Should you require a bespoke individual quotation, please contact our Sales Team.


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